Watch Out for the Left Hand Turns

This one just a few block from my house. Just like the data says, watching out for cars not seeing you, making that left hand turn, is paramount. Rider crashes at the West Seattle Junction.

New Tires On the FJR

I finally bit the bullet and got new tires for the FJR. the old ones where at the end of their life and because I commute everyday, in any weather (expect snow!) the expense was worth it. I did save a $175 tire/wheel removal fee and took the wheels off myself. Somewhat nerve racking, as there's no room for failure with motorcycle wheels, but I wanted to have the skill, and save the money. I shopped for tires online, but my local shop mounts and balances them for free (on wheels off the bike) when you buy from them, so there I was buying local. Today I'm going to hand scrub the tires with a scotch-brite pad (not sure if it works, but it can't hurt) and take it really easy for the next couple hundred miles to break them in. Oh, if you're curious I went French. I'm trying out the Michelin Pilot Roads.