Tired Out

I just had the fork springs changed in the FJR, put 2004 springs in my 2003 model, and it's making a big difference. It's a lot more accurate in it's feedback, and almost never as compressed. Anyways, the tech at the shop - that took all my budgeted fun money for the rest of the month - mentioned that I need tires too. I knew that, but this makes it official. Oddly I've been unable to so far find a really great source for tire reviews for bikes. Forums are good, but scattered most of the time. No matter what this time next month I'll have new shoes on the FJR. Driving everyday in rush hour traffic, in downdown Seattle, often in the rain, means a commitment to the good rubber. I have to say, I've been eyeballin' the Avon Storm ST or the Michelin Pilot Road 2, so maybe it'll come down to what the local shop has in stock.

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