They're Back.

Today it got up to 50 degrees, and you know what the means...everyone that rides in the good weather came out today. Saw more bikes today than I've seen in a long time. Even rode in a tiny pack (3 including me) for a bit along the beach. I've been suffering through the dark and rain, and wet all winter and I'm starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel. Another sure sign the warm is on the way (ok, it'll still be another 2 months away) is I'm looking at bikes again. It's the annual selection of the fittest. So far this year, I've started eyeballing the classic and underrated BMW R1200R, or R1150R. Everyone is out, and it's good to see you all.


LumpyCam said...

I had an R1150R and recently moved to teh R1200R. Best bike there is for commuting/touring duty, I think. Huge side bags that seamlessly clip off in seconds, ABS, traction control and heated grips are surprisingly useful. I also have to give a recommendation for the ESA - sure you could do the same tuning with a wrench but you're not going to, at least not every time someone jumps on your bike with you to ride to the beach. The telelever front suspension really works in commuting type riding where you have all manner of hazards and unforeseen obstacles thrown in your way. For example, hard braking on washboard? no problem!

If i had one complaint it would be the fuel economy as i'm getting 38MPG in city traffic. Of course, it's about 33F outside so that should improve when it warms up.

Jeremy Z said...

I thought about really stretching to buy one of those in '00 when I got my first bike. (wound up being an SV650)

I look at new bikes every year, but need to break that pattern. This year, I'd like a new KLR, but I really don't want to give up the FJR or Burgman. (nothing beats a scooter in the city & suburbs!)

Rj Maan said...

Awesome bike, I like it very much, I think one can have an adventurous ride with it as well.