A Bike Named Trophy

It's interesting how one's tastes change. I used to lust after the Honda GB500 Tourist Trophy, back in the day when it came out (here's one on eBay for $4500 now). I would hunt them down and ponder ways to get it shipped to where I was, or because I was mostly broke I'd run small equations on the back of envelopes to see how I could eek out some form of monthly payment. I still think it's a beautiful machine, and I love that Honda gave it life, from concept. However, I clearly have more gray hair showing and maybe that makes me apply more weight to the other parts of actually owning a bike, comfort, power, safety, etc. Not that I'm complaining, just interested in how my desires have changed. If I thought about it there'd be a long line of once lusted after bikes, maybe I'll list those out in a later blog.

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