Dinner Jacket

Another thing I think I'm going to work on this year is a jacket that has awesome visibility. Something better than the gray one I have now. It'll be hard to find the right one, I'm a stickler for a great fit, and most importantly I carry a ton of stuff with me in my pockets when I ride so I need lots-o-pockets. A few gate/garage door openers, paperwork, duct tape, extra keys, bandanna, stuff like that. I recently saw this Joe Rocket Ballistic 7.0 that looked nice and was received well by the reviewers, plus I like the checkers. Still looking though, hard to find just the right mix of colors and style with utility.

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Jeremy Z said...

I've decided not to buy Joe Rocket any more. Decided that when I get pulled over, Officer Friendly is not so impressed by the logos that seem to brag about how fast I am.

I have a TourMaster jacket now.

With regards to the visibility issue, I have a silver mesh jacket with two liners. When I feel I want the extra visibility, I put on my ANSI Class II safety vest. ($25 from ebay) Then, I can have the jacket I want, as well as the fit & features I want.

What helmet do you wear? I have a white one, which was voted to be the most visible stock color. (over the orange that Shoei offers)

Good to find another motorcycle blog.