Spare Change

I think I'm in the minority with I say that I like the new Buell 1125 CR. I can overlook it's reputation for poor long term quality and it's jackhammer vibrations at a standstill for the bold styling. At some point we, as motorcyclists, have to embrace the new and cultivate our rapidly dying culture of individuality or we make a mockery of the ideas that we are at our core. Doing it your own way, not following the crowd, style, power, all these things are what every guy/gal on a bike is about at some level. You admit to it every time you strap a helmet on to ride to work, or participate in your "hobby". Kudos to Eric Buell for going big and taking a chance. I like the Buell 1125 CR. Screw you if you don't, go get back into your Honda Accord.

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