Aprila Mana, Yes, Bike Me.

I don't know what Mana means, and I'm not sure what Aprila's new tag line is about "Bike Me", but Aprila, go ahead and Bike Me because I really want an Aprila Mana 850. If you don't know the Aprila Mana 850 is the kind of bike that I can run at the mouth about, even to non bike types. Sure, I've got a soft spot for the standard bikes, as they're not like the glam rock super bikes, or gay biker Harleys, they're the to wheeled everyman. The go to work, do what's asked and then come home to do it again the next day. What's great about the Aprila Mana is it's innovation. I'm hoping we're seeing new ideas lurch forward into acceptance. I can't wait to drive one and confirm if my theories are correct, or not. My friends, what we have here is what I think is the perfect city commuter bike. CVT? Room for your lid? No clutch or neutral? All hail Aprila. UPDATE: There's a new Mana only site from Aprila here.

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