Electric Motorcycles

I'm calling out the big manufacturers, right here, right now. Hurry up with the good looking electric bikes, damit. With millions of R&D dollars, a short concept to production time and low material and build costs why haven't we seen more electric motorcycles? There's a niche market, as evidenced by Vespa purchases, for short trip high mpg vehicles, the Prius has become the cost no object symbol of eco pride, and even motorcyclists don't want to waste a drop of gas if they don't have to. I love my 4 cylinder sport touring rig, all 1300ccs of it, but I'd gladly ride a well designed electric bike back and forth to work if it was road worthy. The best of the breed, and it's a low bar right now, is the Enertia Bike from our neighbors to the South, Portland, OR. Consider how awkward the first American motorcycles were, created much in the same was as the Enertia, from guys with a good idea and some shade tree know-how and compare with what a 100 years of innovation will produce. Well, ok, Harley Davidson innovation has been on vacation for the last 60 years, with the remote exception of Buell, but all those other brands, Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, heck I'll even throw in Triumph, you get the idea.

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