Motorcycles Are 10 Times More Polluting Than Cars

Kind of takes that smug grin off your face doesn't it? According to Susan Carpenter from the LA Times bikes spew a lot more of the nasty stuff out their backsides than cars and trucks do. However, because they're such a small portion of the vehicle total the EPA is much more lenient. And frankly, there's just not a lot of ways to fix the problem on such a small engine. If you bought a bike new from 2006 till now you're already on one of the cleaner bikes as the EPA's first tier of pollution requirements kicked in then, the next phase is 2010. So next time you pull up to a Prius driver don't heckle him too much, just laugh at his life in a cage like the rest of them.

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Antiorder said...

Interesting indeed. I found it kind of funny when I went to re-up my tags on my new (new to me, used as hell) bike that I didn't need to go to the DEQ. I was all, "uhhh what?!"

Pretty surprising.