Over and Off the Road on a KLR650

So I've considering giving into an impulse and getting a real dual sport. I miss the F650GS that I used to have. There's something about simplicity in a thumper that would be nice to have again. Love the FJR, it's my daily rider, my war hammer, into rush hour downtown traffic each day and it does what I want it to well. I've been thinking once it's warmer and the days are long it'd be nice to poke off into the woods and follow a trail somewhere. It might be only in my head though. The last time I did that on the F650GS all I could think of is what if I crash, how am I going to walk out of here. I need a buddy willing to crash with me I suppose. Maybe it's time to join a club or something. Or jsut get a 1200GS and join the thousands of others that never take theirs off road.

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