New Tires On the FJR

I finally bit the bullet and got new tires for the FJR. the old ones where at the end of their life and because I commute everyday, in any weather (expect snow!) the expense was worth it. I did save a $175 tire/wheel removal fee and took the wheels off myself. Somewhat nerve racking, as there's no room for failure with motorcycle wheels, but I wanted to have the skill, and save the money. I shopped for tires online, but my local shop mounts and balances them for free (on wheels off the bike) when you buy from them, so there I was buying local. Today I'm going to hand scrub the tires with a scotch-brite pad (not sure if it works, but it can't hurt) and take it really easy for the next couple hundred miles to break them in. Oh, if you're curious I went French. I'm trying out the Michelin Pilot Roads.

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